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      1. Announcement of results of environmental protection acceptance


        Jiaozuo Olun Bioengineering Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in food bioengineering. The company is located in the beautiful world geological park - the foot of Yuntai Mountain. Northern Taihang and south the Yellow River have formed the unique green resources superiority of orun. Based on this, the company actively develops core technologies, possesses many leading technologies in the field of bioengineering, and successfully passes the strict examination of the national department, obtains the reputation label of Muslim food approved and issued by Henan Ethnic Affairs Commission, and successively obtains the "National Minority Commodity Assurance" awarded by the National Committee of Nationalities. The title of "point production enterprise" is the title of "halal food salty flavor fixed-point production enterprise", which is supervised by the Islamic Association of Henan province and awarded by Jiaozuo mosque and Jiaozuo Islamic Association.

        Olen people always adhere to the enterprise purpose of "making national fine products, contributing delicious and healthy", adhere to the enterprise spirit of "honesty, development, harmony and sharing", and establish long-term and stable multi-level cooperative relations of production, learning and research with Beijing, Shanghai and other scientific research institutions, and widely absorb industry elites to form stable, efficient. The management team ensures the healthy and sustainable development of the company.

        The company actively draws lessons from the management experience of advanced enterprises at home and abroad, establishes production management, humanistic management and strategic management modes suitable for modern enterprises, and has sound innovation and incentive mechanism. The company's production management is strictly controlled in accordance with ISO9000 and HACCP quality management system to ensure product quality and food safety. All.

        The foundation is the premise of development. The company employs skilled technical service engineers from all walks of life with high salaries to establish a targeted R&D platform for customers, and to assist in the development of individualized and differentiated products, so as to improve product competitiveness and increase the economic benefits of customers.

        Yuntaishan Toona Paste fully relies on parent enterprises, industry leader - Jiaozuo Orun Bioengineering Co., Ltd. strong product research and development and quality control technical force, has a complete management system and experienced marketing team, excellent market reputation, adhering to the "perfect quality, pay attention to your life; let the world enjoy the delicious same. The enterprise mission of "Healthy and Happy Today and Tomorrow" is to make food according to the production and management norms of spices. The natural green toon "15-20 cm stubble bud" in Huaichuan area is selected. After strict cleaning and disinfection, it is cut in aseptic workshop and refined by 36 brewing processes. It is the first choice for multi-channel sales, such as circulation, specialty gifts, group buying, schools, catering and so on.

        After scientific production and meticulous operation, the Toona paste in Yuntai Mountain has the same color, excellent taste, stable quality and maximum nutritional retention. Once the product is on the market, the average monthly sales volume of the single store is more than 1500 bottles, which has become the benchmark of the Toona "nutritional food" product industry, balanced nutrition, making the product even more popular. Commentary: China's first "convenient nutrition dinner" first sauce.

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