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      1. Development situation and future trend analysis of sauce industry in China


        Sauce is one of the most important condiments. Our country has a long history of sauce production. The records of sauce have appeared in the pre-Qin period. The emergence of sauce may be in the Zhou Dynasty, or before the Zhou Dynasty, at least three thousand years ago. There are many classification standards for sauce products, which can be classified according to raw materials, brewing technology and market positioning. According to the process can be divided into fermentation and non-fermentation process; according to raw materials can be divided into soybean sauce, chili sauce, sesame sauce, peanut butter, tomato sauce and so on, according to market positioning can be divided into noodle sauce, rice sauce, sauce, vegetable paste, lemon sauce, leisure sauce and so on.

        In recent years, the domestic sauce industry has been developing steadily. According to the statistics of the top 100 famous brand enterprises of China Seasoning Association in 2017 (94), 29 of them produced seasoning sauce products, with a total output of 820,000 tons and a total sales revenue of 6.8 billion yuan. In 2017, the output of 70% sauce enterprises increased positively. The number of enterprises with positive growth rate is more than 10%, accounting for 57%. The top 10 enterprises in the sauce industry are Haitian in Foshan, Limin in Tianjin, Tianhong in Jize County, Haomei in Shanghai, Xiangqi in Heilongjiang, Dandan in Sichuan, Merlot in Sichuan, Yingchao in Zhongjiao, Liubiju in Beijing and delicious in Guangdong. The output of Haitian Taste, Tianjin Limin and Jize Tianhong in the top three were 238,000 tons, 96,000 tons and 92,000 tons respectively, with growth rates of 10.2%, 11.7% and -10%, respectively.

        The seasoning industry in China is quite different from that in Europe and America. The characteristics of Internet gene of domestic sauce products are obvious, which are reflected in packaging, product name and so on. If these products can quickly layout offline and find a suitable online and offline mutual promotion mode, it will promote the market guidance and consumption upgrading of sauce industry. International sauce also has obvious characteristics. Basically, a dish will be accompanied by a kind of sauce, so the variety of sauce is very rich, with a variety of specific, characteristic packaging, there is a market, but also easy to cook. For example, the sauce in European and American markets is basically stereotyped, convenient and convenient. Sauce products at home and abroad have their own characteristics. They can learn from each other and learn from each other's advantages and disadvantages.


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